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Santa Pola Aquarium

In Santa Pola, by the seafront in the Plaza Fernandez Ordonez, is the Santa Pola Municipal Aquarium! Not huge, but well worth a visit for an hour or so where you can see hundreds of different fishes and sea creatures up close!  

Santa Pola Aquarium - What To See

Inside the aquarium, in addition to the 9 large tanks holding the sea creatures such as seahorses, octopuses, stingrays, loggerhead turtles, golden, sea bass, groupers, leerfish, brunettes and bream fish, there is also an audiovisual room, showing a film in Spanish (with English subtitles) about all the conservation work that the Aquarium carries out, where they locate the fish and how they feed and care for them as well as biological research for study of native species of the area. 

Santa Pola Aquarium

First opened in 1996, the Aquarium covers some 700 m2 and in the central hall are 9 large glass fronted tanks exhibiting the abundance of sea life in the Mediterranean. More information can be found on the Santa Pola Aquarium website

Santa Pola Aquarium - Opening Hours

24th June - 31st August
11.00 - 13.00 and 18.00 - 22.00 (Every Day)
1st - 8th September
10.00 - 13.00 (Every Day)
9th September - 23rd June 
10.00 - 13.00 and 17.00 - 19.00 (Tuesday - Saturdays)
10.00 - 13.00 (Sundays) Closed On Mondays